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Gaylon travels the country speaking to florists at large seminars as well as doing one on one consultations in their shops. Below are the services that Gaylon provides, one that is sure to help your business.

Employee/Owner Training Seminars

Employees and Owners attend seminars and learn first hand how to Sell and increase their average sale, lower and control Cost of Goods Sold, improve teamwork and productivity and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Custom Solutions Program

Consulting and Training at the florist's business. Working directly with the owner, managers and the employee team on improving profitability immediately. Just like the title suggests this program is "customized" to the individual florist's business strengths and opportunities.

Financial Analysis Program

Long distance consulting. This program starts with an analysis of the business' Financial Statements and ends with an Action Plan designed to improve profitability.

Owner/Operator Mentoring

Specifically for the Floral Owner. Sessions in Finance, Marketing, Cost Control and Leadership.

Mystery Shopping

Your employees selling and serivce skills are monitored/evaluated through this dynamic culture building program.