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Floral Employee Training Programs

All of the following programs are designed exclusively for floral employees and are focused on improving profitability!

The Thirteen Cardinal Rules of Selling

Employees learn how to increase their average sale per customer by mastering a sales process that the employee team can start to implement tomorrow. It is simple to learn, has proven to be effective times over and also improves service through the eyes of the customer. This program will highlight key strategies for making all of this happen!

Lowering and Controlling Cost of Goods Sold

If your Cost of Goods Sold is limiting your cash flow and profitability this program is a must for your business. Floral employees work together to improve profitability by identifying first the problems and then opportunities to lower Cost of Goods Sold Expense. Root causes are then prioritized and action plans are created to control this expense.

Teamwork and Productivity

A productive employee team works towards achieving the goals of the business and is a critical component to profitability for any florist. Employees learn industry productivity benchmarks and analyze their own performance. In this program, employees learn, develop skills and work together on strategies for profit productivity.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

What happens when customers come in contact with your business? Is it a positive and memorable experience and most importantly does it build customer loyalty? In this seminar employees learn to look through the eyes of the customer and develop performance standards that will exceed customer expectations.

Quality Advantage 24 Leadership Seminars

Designed for Owners and Managers