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Quality Advantage Product Overviews

Floral Business Books

Improving Profitability - Lowering Cost of Goods Sold

A complete strategy on how to work with your employee team to lower and then control this critical expense. Control forms are included with this publication.

Going After Commercial Accounts

An overview on how to plan for and then go after Commercial Account business. Other florist's Marketing samples are included with this publication.

Floral Wire Service Accounting Done Right

The accounting entries for Incoming, Outgoing Wires and the Clearing Statement. The owner, the accountant and the internal bookkeeper learn how to do it correctly. Please note there is not a Canadian version.

Floral Business Valuation

A method for determining what your business is worth. Whether your buying, selling or just want to know the value, this publication gives you a step-by-step process to follow.

Employee Motivation, Teamwork and Productivity

A learning/reference overview for these three key areas of a florist's business. A sample Payroll Budget is included with this publication.

Pricing for Profit in the Floral Industry

Will look at pricing from the financial side and how to create a pricing strategy that will provide the business with enough margins to be profitable. It also analyzes the psychological/retail side of pricing to make sure you are not 'leaving any money on the table'.

Marketing Done Right - Acquiring New Customers and Motivating Customers to Buy More Often

A publication that provides much detail and samples for creating an overall Marketing strategy. How to target market specific customer types as well as ideas for 'everyday marketing' for your current customers.

New Employee Orientation

How to create a new employee orientation process in your business.

Conducting Performance Appraisals in the Floral Industry

An overview on how to conduct effective performance appraisals plus job descriptions and a sample performance appraisal form.

Business Survival - Developing an Annual Floral Financial Strategy

Establishing financial goals, creating a strategy to achieve the goals, understanding floral accounting, comparing industry benchmarks to your businesses performance, etc. This publication will guide the florist on how to manage their business based on their financial statements.

The 13 Cardinal Rules of Selling

A workbook that teaches the floral employee how to sell and increase their average sale per customer. Taking control of the sale, creating value in the product and closing the sale. This program mirrors the seminar that Gaylon teaches on selling. There is also a Mystery Shopper Service that can be incorporated into the strategy.

Exceptional Customer Service

How to build a work culture that exceeds customer's expectations. A business model is used to create performance standards by position, empowerment guidelines, complaint handling principles, etc. It will take service within your business to the next level.

Holiday Records

A form that is used immediately following the holiday which guides the florist in recording those activities that were done well, need to be improved. Next year at holiday time this document will guide the florist on how to prepare.

Floral Incentive Programs

$19.95 (Available Spring 2018)

Turning Payroll Expense into a Investment

$29.95 (Available Spring 2018)